Central Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Flow Cleaning is an essential home service that plays a vital role in securing a clean and healthy indoor environment, as well as assures top performance of the central vacuum system. When vacuuming the soft surfaces of your home, the biological pollutants – like dust mites, pet and human dander, bacteria and chemicals – get sucked up in the vacuum flow bucket. These pollutants accumulate in the bucket at an alarming rate, becoming a major source of contamination in your home. These pollutants aren’t completely disposed of until the vacuum flow bucket is cleaned.

It is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned annually. Do you? Simply ask our Techician on site to have this done.
Unwanted Outcomes of a Not-Cleaned Central Vacuum System:

The bucket becomes a primary breeding ground for bacteria and biological contaminants to successfully reproduce
The accumulated bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and other pollutants are continuously redistributed throughout the home with each vacuum use
The indoor air quality is dramatically affected by these constant re-offenders
The efficiency, air flow and power of the central vacuum system is greatly compromised, rendering the overall cleaning efforts futile
Filter and tube blockages lead to troubling Vacuum Flow performance and costly repairs

The cleaning process performed by using powerful truck-mounted units promises to remove gallons of dirt, dust, dander and other pollutants from the vacuum flow bucket.